Best Headphones Under $100: Experts Reveal Favorite Headphones
Do you think you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get quality headphones?

Think again about best headphones under 100 and best 6.5 speakers:-

We asked 36 experts and headset reviewers to a simple question:

"If I could just pick a pair of headphones, and I only had $ 100 to spare, which one would I choose headset?"

We wanted to know what the experts consider the best headphones for under $ 100 - and let me tell you, they gave us answers to them 36 of the headset reviewers were downright amazing. To all of them knock them down.

The 3 Best Headphones Under $100:-

According To Chris Thomas:-

Well, this is going to be a bit long-I hope you've had coffee!

For ears: Decibullz Contour ($ 59.99) with tips from Comply

If you are going to listen to music on the train, bus, car or other transport, your biggest enemy is auditory masking. Therefore, isolation is the # 1 thing you can do to improve your music quality - and the open-back headphones will sound awful in the presence of loud noise hence they are trucker headset. These form-fit your shell making for a perfect fit every time, and if you match these with obedient counsels the insulation is crazy good. They are not the best in the ears that can be bought from a performance standpoint, but they are really great for the gym and commuting.

For over-ears: Sony MDR-V6 / 7506 ($ 89.99):-

Yes, I know it's not a beloved audiophile like the SR80e Grade ($ 99.99), and it's definitely not as fun, but I'm a sucker for these because that's what we bought in our phonology lab for "good" headphones back in the Postgraduate school They are surprisingly decent for what they are, and what a lot of people use for video work. They are versatile, have a flat frequency response, the coiled cable is a good advantage, and they insulate surprisingly well.

For ears: V-Fashion Crossfade M-80 ($ 99) -OR- Grade SR80e ($ 99):-

Well, these are a stretch in price, but it is difficult to argue with the durability of the V-Moda cans. They are made of metal, have removable / replaceable cables, and very good sound quality. Overall, I'm not a fan of the ears, but it would be nice to have a pair that will probably outlast whatever you throw them.

The Degrees are just fun. Good quality for the price, and these best earbuds under  100 are more comfortable than they seem. Not a great pair of traveling cans, though.

Breaking Down the Answers:-

Wow! It was a lot of different headphones! Let's break down indiscriminately and see which got the most votes.

The following table shows best headphones under 100, which got the most votes overall, so if that's what you're looking for, go and see it!

Conclusion On Best Headphones Under 100:-

Many thanks to all who contributed to this mammoth post! Please share if you think this was helpful!

Most of these experts have carried out hundreds of headphones (some even more!). Needless to say, they have tried very good headphones (and very bad).

Are less than $ 100, three pairs seem to stand out in particular: Sony MDR-7506 is a SR80E Grade Controller and 1more Triple. They received more votes overall, and may well be the best headphones for less than $ 100 in the market today.

If you could only choose a pair of headphones, and you only had $ 100 to spend, which would you choose headphones?